About Jurong Bird Park

Get your hands on the Jurong Bird Park tickets, the largest bird park in all of Asia, located in Singapore. Home to more than 5000 birds from 400 different species, it is at the Jurong Bird Park where you can witness some of the most exotic birds in the world, from the all-blue African Turaco, to the black Tasmanian Swans as well as Penguins from Antarctica, among others. Said to be one of the world’s largest aviaries, this bird park boasts of open flight aviaries, along with other exhibit areas, which together spread across 202,000 square metres of area.

With your Jurong Bird Park online tickets, you can also explore some of the major attractions inside the park, from the Lory Loft and Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary, to the African Waterfall Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, Pelican Cove and more. Additionally, the Jurong Bird Park admission fee also offers you a chance to indulge in the wide array of entertainment shows and activities that the park is known for. So, when you visit the Jurong Bird Park, don’t forget to take part in the bird feeding, camping and wildlife tour activities here, or visit the Birdz of Play waterpark, a one-of-a-kind bird-theme waterpark in the region.

Book Jurong Bird Park Singapore Tickets Online

Availing the Jurong Bird Park tickets online is the best way to enjoy a hassle-free experience of visiting Asia’s largest park. In addition to enjoying several discounts and exciting offers with your Jurong Bird Park admission fee, you can also skip the long entry queues or ticketing queues at the park. Furthermore, pre-booking your tickets to the park also helps to save some pennies, thereby making your trip rather inexpensive and within a budget. You can enjoy a wide range of attractions and activities with your Jurong Bird Park tickets booking, including witnessing thousands of different birds from up close, enjoying shows like the Kings of the Skies and High Flyers, and even indulging in a tram ride inside the park. Online tickets to the bird park make your visit more hassle-free and comfortable, as you set out to observe birds like pelicans, penguins, flamingos, and more up close and personal.

Stroll through the lovely Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park Admission Ticket with Tram Ride

Get a ticket to Jurong Bird Park and ride aboard a tram to see the gorgeous and diverse varieties of birds.


  • Children aged 0-2 can enter free of charge while children aged 3-12 will be charged at a child price.
  • Individuals aged 13 and above will be charged at an adult price.
  • Park will operate on selected Mondays to Wednesdays. Refer to the below-extended dates open on Mondays to Wednesdays during public holidays and school holiday periods:
  • Dec: 5-7, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28
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Jurong Bird Park Ticket Variants

Singapore zoo
Jurong Bird Park Tickets with Night Safari

Avail a Jurong Bird Park and night safari package, and get a chance to indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience with this combo. Head over to the magical avian world at the Jurong Bird Park and witness over 5,000 birds while you are here. Then, take part in a night safari as the first nocturnal wildlife park in Asia with your ticket. With the Jurong Bird Park and night safari package, you can discover hundreds of different species of birds, from penguins and pelicans, to different species of parrots, ostriches, emus and more. Additionally, you can also enjoy a ride on the Hop-On Hop-Off tram in the park. The Jurong Bird Park zoo night safari ticket also lets you enjoy a ride on the Safari Tram, which takes you on a 40-minute through the 6 different locations inside the reserve park, where you can watch over 2,500 nocturnal animals in their natural habitat at night.

0pdqwbv8piqlmzc7j55mgwdgfeb3_river wonder (1).webp
Jurong Bird Park Tickets with River Wonders

You can also book a combined Jurong Bird Park and river wonders experience ticket, for an adventure unlike any other. With this ticket, you can explore the largest bird park in Asia, and have up close and personal encounters with hundreds of different bird species from around the world. The ticket also includes a ride in the famous Hop-On Hop-Off tram here, which lets you cover the entirety of the park conveniently, as you explore the different areas and exhibits here. With the combo ticket to the Jurong Bird Park and river wonders, you get a chance to indulge in a one-of-a-kind safari experience, complete with different river ecosystems, including the Nile, Yangtze and Amazon. The river wonders also lets you witness over 5,000 animals as you cruise down the river ecosystems that are recreated here.

Singapore zoo
Jurong Bird Park Tickets with Singapore Zoo

Indulge in a Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo package and enjoy access to two of the most celebrated wildlife attractions in Singapore. Enjoy a wide range of inclusions and exciting deals as you set out to witness thousands of birds at the Jurong Bird Park, in addition to seeing over 300 species of animals at the open enclosure Singapore Zoo. Indulge in the popular tram rides at both the places, which let you cover the wide expanse of the zoo and the bird park in a more comfortable and convenient manner. Get a chance to feed Lorikeets and Lories, among other birds all by yourself by availing this ticket to the Jurong Bird Park.

Singapore zoo
Jurong Bird park Tickets + Singapore Zoo + Night Safari + River Wonders

For the best wildlife and avifauna experience of your life, indulge in a combined Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo package, which includes a wide array of experiences and activities. It is with the Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo package that you can get an insight into the wonders of nature and wildlife, as you get to explore the bird park and the zoo, while also enjoying a one-of-a-kind night safari and river wonders here. The Jurong Bird Park Zoo night safari tickets include entry to these attractions, in addition to tram rides at both the venues. Additionally, you can also indulge in an Amazon River Quest, the Creatures of the Night show and a river wonders boat ride with the Jurong Bird Park and night safari package. You can also get a chance to meet giant pandas at the Giant Panda Forest at the first and only river-themed wildlife park in Asia, in addition to catching sights of nocturnal animals in their habitats roaming around the forest when you avail the Jurong Bird Park and night safari package.

Experiences Included in Jurong Bird Park Tickets

Enjoy Wildlife Touring

Indulge in a unique experience of going on wildlife tours with your Jurong Bird Park ticket booking. Choose from private tours or behind-the-scenes tours and get a chance to see the different birds here from up close. Learn about interesting facts about the different birds in each of the aviaries from the park’s friendly bird keepers, or head over to the Breeding & Research Centre in the park to discover insider stories on how the endangered bird species are taken care of here.

Experience Feeding the Animals

Get a chance to see the birds while they are being fed. Or take part in the feeding sessions of Pelicans, Penguins, Lories and Lorikeets as well as the African Birds and try feeding them yourself during your visit to the Jurong Bird Park. During these sessions, you can also enjoy listening to the bird keepers share insider stories and facts about these feathered beauties.

zoo keeper.jpg
Enjoy entertaining sessions at Keeper’s Talk

With your Jurong Bird Park ticket, you can also indulge in entertaining and informative sessions with the bird keepers, along with catching sights of different birds as they are fed during their feeding sessions. The best areas to enjoy the Keeper’s Talk within the bird park are at the Pelican Cove, the Penguin Coast and at the Waterfall Aviary.

img (26).jpg
Ace out your Team-Bonding skills at Camps

One of the best experiences that you can have at the Jurong Bird Park is at the camps here, where children can learn a variety of skills through different team-bonding activities. This is a hands-on experience, which offers kids unique insights into the world of birds. One such camping experience includes sleeping around the penguins, where they can enjoy exclusive penguin feeding sessions, interactions with the keepers, as well as setting up a tent together.

Which Jurong Bird Park Tickets to Choose


When choosing your Jurong Bird Park tickets, it is best to first research about the place, which will help you to decide what experiences you would like to take part in here, how much time you would like to spend, etc., among other factors. Additionally, for a more economical experience, you can also choose to combine your visit to the Jurong Bird Park with other popular attractions nearby, including the Singapore Zoo, River wonders and more. However, it is advisable to always pre-book your Jurong Bird Park tickets Singapore, to save the hassles of standing for long hours in queues at the ticketing counters and braving the tropical Singapore sun.

  • Save some time by getting a Jurong Bird Park online ticket, which helps you to skip the long waiting lines at the ticket counter and guarantees quicker entry into the park without any hassles, in addition to letting you explore the park at a more comfortable pace without having to rush
  • Explore other attractions in Singapore by availing a combo ticket to the Jurong Bird Park, and get a chance to spend some time at other famous attractions here after your visit to the bird park, including the Singapore Zoo, the Creatures of the Night Show, River Wonders and more
  • For those who wish to indulge in other new and exciting experiences in Singapore, you can combine your Jurong Bird Park tickets Singapore with a wide array of other places, complete with hotel transfers, visits to the Singapore Zoo and River Wonders, and numerous other interesting inclusions to make you trip memorable

Zones in Jurong Bird Park

img (27).jpg
African Treetops

The African Treetops section of the Jurong Bird Park is the abode of around 111 bird species found in Africa, Seychelles and Madagascar. Boasting a rainforest canopy, you can see top-tier birds as well as those that stay on the ground. The most common birds here are the Great Blue Turaco, which is the largest bird in all the species of Turaco, and the Superb Starling, a short-tailed, colourful bird found in the Savannah regions.

img (28).jpg
Wings of Asia

To catch sights of birds from the vibrant continent of Asia with your Jurong Bird Park online ticket, head over to the Wings of Asia section in the park. Famous birds that you can see in this zone include the Bali Myna, known for its white body and long, drooping crest with black tips on the tail and wings. You can also see the Santa Cruz Ground Dove here, a short-legged terrestrial dove commonly found in the Southern Solomon Islands.

img (29).jpg
Penguin Coast

The Jurong Bird Park is also home to the Penguin Coast, a zone where you can find different species of penguins. Spread across an area of 1,600 square metres, this indoor zone has temperature and lighting settings which resemble the natural habitats of penguins. You can find different species of the African Penguins, which belong to the waters of South Africa, and the King Penguins, which are said to be the second largest species of penguins, typically found in the South Atlantic and South Indian Oceans.

img (30).jpg
Flamingo Lake

With your Jurong Bird Park ticket, you can also explore the pristine Flamingo Lake here. Complete with mud nest mounds where you can see the incubation of the eggs laid by flamingos, this zone also has several shallow pools of water where large flocks of beautiful and vibrant pink-coloured flamingos live. Some of the different types of flamingos that you can see here include the Caribbean Flamingos, Chilean Flamingos, Lesser Flamingos and Greater Flamingos.

img (31).jpg
Lory Loft

One of the best and most popular exhibits that you can see with your Jurong Bird Park ticket is the Lory Loft, a bowl-shaped zone which doubles up as a walk-in flight aviary. It is here where you can catch sights of numerous multicoloured lorikeets and lories, along with different species of hornbills, parrots and other birds. Some of the most popular birds that you can see here are the Black Hornbill, a black bird with a large, heavy bill found typically in the Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. You can also witness the Red Billed Hornbill here, found in the woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa, and known for their small structure, with pink or red bills.

img (32).jpg
Pelican Cove

The Pelican Cove at the Jurong Bird Park is an underwater viewing gallery, where you can find a wide array of different species of pelicans in their natural habitat, simply diving and gushing around the waters. Top tier birds here include the Australian pelican, a large waterbird, commonly found in the coastal waters and inlands of Australia. Other species of pelicans that you can see here are the African Pink-backed pelican, the Asian spot-billed pelican and the Dalmatian pelicans, among others.

img (33).jpg
Waterfall Aviary

Known for being home to the tallest man-made indoor waterfalls in the world, the Waterfall Aviary is one of the most popular sections of the Jurong Bird Park. Resembling the ambience of a tropical rainforest, this aviary has a suspended bridge, and boasts of having some of the rarest species of birds. Some of these birds include the Crowned Pigeon, known for their stunning blue coloured body, and found commonly in New Guinea and its surrounding islands. Other birds include the Superb Starling, a short-tailed, colourful bird from Savanna.

img (34).jpg
Wings of Asia

The Wings of Asia zone at the Jurong Bird Park is the abode of some of the most extensive collection of rare bird species from the countries in Asia. From small birds, to large, top-tier birds of various different colours, this aviary has them all. Popular birds here include the Bali Myna, a medium-sized bird with a white body, black-tipped wings and tail and a yellow bill. Another popular bird here is the Straw Headed Bulbul, from Borneo and the Malay Peninsula, which is known for its sweet voice, and bright yellow-coloured crown.

img (35).jpg
Penguin Coast

Home to the Penguin Coast zone, Jurong Bird Park also boasts of several different species of penguins residing in an expanse of around 1,630 square metres. There is a 30 metres wide glass wall here, which offers unobstructed views of these majestic creatures. Popular penguin species here include the Gentoo Penguin, found commonly in the Falkland Islands, and known to be the third largest species of penguins. This zone also has King Penguins, which are the second largest species of penguins, but are typically smaller in size as compared to other species.

Know Before You Book Jurong Bird Park Tickets

Opening Hours
Park Rules
Best Time to Visit
Services Offered

Opening HoursThe Jurong Bird Park remains open from 08:30 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. The last entry to the park is allowed at 05:00 p.m.

How to Reach:

By Bus and MRT: You can avail the East West MRT Line and get off at the Boon Lay Station. From there, you can take a short walk to the Boon Lay Bus interchange, and avail the Bus 194 to get to Jurong Bird Park

By Car: You can drive or take a taxi to the Jurong Bird Park, by taking the Central Expressway or the Pan Island Expressway

Essentials Information about Jurong Bird Park Tickets

  • Stay Sun Safe:When availing your Jurong Bird Park ticket, remember to stay protected from the sun by bringing sunglasses and caps or hats. Additionally, visitors who are prone to getting sunburnt must surely apply sunscreen before visiting.
  • Stay Hydrated:It can get quite sunny during the day at the Jurong Bird Park. Therefore, you must ensure that you have adequate drinking water with you to keep yourself hydrated at all times. You can also refill your bottles with water from the water dispensers available in the park.
  • Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes:Exploring the Jurong Bird Park requires a lot of walking. Therefore, it is essential to wear comfortable shoes to avoid foot aches and muscle cramps.
  • Wear Insect Repellent:While there are numerous preventive measures taken inside the park, you can still be at risk of unexpected insect bites. Thus, it is a must to wear some insect repellent when you visit the park.

Things to Do in Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Enjoy River Wonders experience like never before

In addition to exploring the amazing bird park with your Jurong Bird Park ticket, you can also indulge in a one-of-a-kind river Wonders experience here. It is a unique activity in Asia, where you can enjoy numerous river boat rides and freshwater attractions, in addition to witnessing spectacular wildlife. The entire River Wonders Park is divided into 10 different ecosystems, with different experiences, including the Mississippi River experience, River Nile experience, Yangtze River experience, Amazon experience, and more. During the safari, you can even catch sights of as many as 5,000 animals, from Jaguars and Alligators, to Turtles, Pandas and more.

Live the Unforgettable Night after Night Safari

One of the best things to do in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve is to indulge in the unforgettable Night Safari. It is with this activity that you can get a chance to explore the rich nocturnal kingdom of the land. Boasting of over 2,500 nocturnal animals which come out after sundown, the Night Safari lets you witness animals in open-air exhibits from up close. Enjoyed via a safari tram, you can explore the zones of the Himalayan Foothills, Indian Subcontinent, Asian Riverine Forests, the Nepalese River Valley, Equatorial Africa as well as the Burmese Hillside during the safari. Some of the animals that you can witness during the night safari include leopards, wallabies, fishing cats, etc.

Singapore zoo
Witness lovely animals at Singapore Zoo

A visit to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve will not be complete without witnessing the animals at the Singapore Zoo, which is Asia’s first open habitat zoo. Home to more than 2,800 animals residing in enclosures that replicate their natural habitats, the zoo has many endangered animal species as well. You can also enjoy a special tram ride which takes you to the different zones of the park. The zones here include the Frozen Tundra, Wil Africa, Fragile Forest, Great Rift Valley, Australasia, Treetops Trail, Reptile Garden, Gibbon Island, Primate Kingdom, and Tortoise Shell-Ter, along with several forested regions and an orchid garden.

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