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About Jurong Bird Park Restaurant

Savor a delectable meal, catch a quick bite, or simply enjoy a cup of hot brew at the various Jurong Bird Park restaurants. From pure vegetarian options and meat to sweet and savory, the park offers a dynamic blend when it comes to food options. There are several restaurants and cafes at Jurong Bird Park to choose from. Taste some of the most authentic flavors of Singapore at the Hawk Café, located right outside the entrance to Jurong Bird Park. Head to the Social Kitchen if you are looking for a healthy no-meat meal. The outlet prides itself on its high-quality plant-based meat alternatives that are available for dine-in, delivery, and takeaway. Try the taste of a new generation of meat that rises out of the traditional meat favorites albeit with a vegetarian twist to it and without compromising on the taste or texture. There is no ‘right’ time for pizza, they say and The Pizza Hut Express is an outlet that has been specially designed to cater to fast-moving crowds and is the perfect joint if you are looking for a filling yet quick meal before heading back to the park and its feathered inhabitants. Take a breather from the heat and sun with some refreshing gourmet coffee and a freshly made filling sandwich at the Treetops Café located near the African Treetops aviary.


Hawk Café

Known for its best-seller, the Hainanese chicken rice, this is one of the most popular Jurong Bird Park eating places. The chefs at the café are known to use the freshest of ingredients to prepare their meals. If you are not sure about what to eat in Jurong Bird park, then you can try some of the other dishes on the menu like Nasi Lemak, Nasi Padang, Ayam Goreng, and Laksa, as well as their western fare, particularly the fish and chips. You are served a huge sea bass fillet that is thick and succulent with beautifully seasoned and well-cut chips. There is a good selection of kid’s meals as well such as the chicken nuggets and chips or the delicious chicken soup. The restaurant is well-maintained, tidy, and comfortable and the food is reasonably priced. It is a great place to stop by especially in the morning around 8:30 AM when the park is less crowded and you can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast amid peaceful surroundings.

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The Social Kitchen powered by The Vegetarian Butcher
The Social Kitchen powered by The Vegetarian Butcher

Enjoy a delectable and sumptuous meal at one of the few Jurong Bird Park restaurants known for its vegetarian, delicious and healthy food. Some of the most popular picks on the menu include the Fiery Mala NoMeatball Pasta, NoBeef Burger + Crispy Onions, and the No Chicken Nuggets. Delight in the tomato-based pasta with ‘meatballs’ that remind of an authentic beef patty, absolutely tender and soft. The onion rings served here come crispy, yet not oily, along with pickled cucumber, crunchy greens, and generous portions of crispy and thick-cut fries. The plant-based menu includes Western as well as Asian dishes which are primarily made with soya, lupine, and vegetables.

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Pizza Hut Express

You can never go wrong with a pizza as they say and this Jurong Bird Park restaurant ensures just that. You can expect a piping hot delectable pizza awaiting you at the Pizza Hut Express whenever you are ready to take a break from your tour of the extensive park. An absolute favorite among families, the outlet is also known for its mouth-watering garlic bread and sweet and spicy drumlets apart from its world-class pizzas. Do not miss out on their freshly baked Hand Stretched Thin sliced pizzas with some signature sides. Go for a pizza or pasta meal which comes at very reasonable rates and comprises a main dish with your choice of sides and a drink.

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Treetops Cafe
Treetops Café

As you make your way to the African Treetops aviary, you will come across one of the coziest Jurong Bird Park restaurants perched right near the entrance. The restaurant opens early, so give your day a kick start with the café’s fine selection of aromatic, gourmet coffee. Whether you are in the mood for a quick bite or are groggy from being out in the heat and sun, you can choose from the various food options available on the very comprehensive menu here. It also offers a range of light refreshments and scrumptious yet filling sandwiches that are made fresh every day.

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Know Before You Go to Jurong Bird Park

Best Time to Visit
How to Reach
Rules & Regulations

The best time to visit Jurong Bird Park is during the sunset when you can truly experience the sights, sounds, and vibe here. However, this is also the time when the park is most crowded with a lot of tourists and locals. If you wish to avoid the crowds, mornings or late afternoons are good times to visit the park when it experiences a relatively low footfall. You can thus beat the crowds and explore the park and its various sections in peace without having to wait in long queues in the heat and humid weather of Singapore.

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What are the best restaurants available at Jurong Bird Park?

Some of the best Jurong Bird Park restaurants include Hawk Café, The Social Kitchen powered by The Vegetarian Butcher, Pizza Hut Express, and Treetops Café.

Where is Jurong Bird Park located at?

The Jurong Bird Park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925.

May I bring my own food to Jurong Bird Park?

Yes, you may bring outside food inside the park with you, but refrain from eating it near the bird cages.

What are the types of animals to observe at Jurong Bird Park?

The types of animals you can observe at Jurong Bird Park include hornbills, toucans, penguins, flamingos, lorries and lorikeets, military macaw, Major Mitchell’s cockatoo, pelicans, and much more.

How many birds are there in Jurong Bird Park?

There are more than 5,000 birds from nearly 400 different species housed at Jurong Bird Park.

What are the accessibility options available at Jurong Bird Park?

You can rent a stroller or wagon to navigate the park if you have small children. There are also complimentary wheelchairs available near the park’s entrance, along with electric scooters for rent.

Are there baby care facilities available at Jurong Bird Park?

There are several diaper changing facilities at different points in the park, like at the entrance, Songbird Terrace, Waterfall Aviary, Parrot Paradise, Pools Amphitheatre, African Treetop, Hawk Arena, and Birdz of Play. There are also nursing rooms available for your comfort and convenience at Birdz of Play.

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