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Shows at Jurong Bird Park

Witness some of the most mesmerizing performances by the stunning inhabitants alongside their trainers at the Jurong Bird Park. The park holds several such shows multiple times daily that warrant thorough entertainment for all its guests. King of the Skies and the High Flyers Show are two of the most popular and engaging Jurong Bird Park shows that you should absolutely not miss. Head over to grab a seat at one of the most popular shows in Jurong Bird Park, the High Flyers Show where you will witness a sight that is unforgettable. The show features all the popular birds and scene-stealers at the park, each of whom come forward to showcase a special talent of theirs. So whether it is the park’s favorites Sunny and Vicky or the one-of-a-kind mimicking Amigo, the show packs a punch when it comes to entertainment.

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King of the Skies
King of the Skies

Enjoy this majestic sight that takes place at the Hawk Arena and is one of the most popular Jurong Bird Park shows. The King of the Skies show features some of the most fierce and formidable inhabitants of the park. It stars the birds of prey and creatures at the top of the food chain along with the most spectacular predators such as the hooded vulture, white-tailed sea eagle, and Harris's hawk. Witness how the Malay fish owl catches its prey, how a stoic kite flies in, and scavenging vultures circle the grounds in these amazing Jurong Bird Park shows.

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High Flyers Show
High Flyers Show

Get entertained at one of the most loved shows in Jurong Bird Park that showcases the most adorable parrots, hornbills, and pink flamingos. Witness here, the deep insights and intuitiveness of some of the birds as they exhibit their natural talents, spectacular plumage, and sharp IQ. Marvel at the agile moves and showmanship of the parrots as they engage in a friendly duel. Observe how a hyacinth macaw Gaia and great pied hornbill amicably race about the grounds and a yellow-naped Amazon Parrot sing in three different languages, a unique sight that can only be seen here. Don’t miss out on the star performance by the world’s biggest flock of birds as they take center stage in a breathtaking symphony of colors, energy, and sound.

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Know Before You Go Jurong Bird Park

Best Time to Visit
How to Reach
Rules & Regulations

The best time to visit Jurong Bird Park is in the mornings and late afternoons as this is when the park sees the least amount of visitors. It is thus a good time to beat the crowds and explore the park and its various sections in peace as opposed to waiting in long queues in the heat and humid weather of Singapore to get to the shows in Jurong Bird Park. However, in order to truly experience the vibe and views of the park, it is best to visit here during the sunset.

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FAQ's of Jurong Bird Park

What is so special about Jurong Bird Park?

Jurong Bird Park is the largest of its kind in Asia and is home to over 5000 birds from over 400 different species. It draws millions of visitors from across the globe every year who come here to enjoy the immersive experience in the park’s open concept that features exhibits simulating the natural habitats of birds. A special highlight of the park that stands it apart from others is the Waterfall Aviary which features a 30-meter-high man-made waterfall and is believed to be the world’s largest walk-in aviary, with over 600 free-flying birds.

How many animals are found to be at Jurong Bird Park?

Jurong Bird Park boasts a collection of over 5000 birds from 400 different species.

How long does it take to complete a visit to the park?

In order to enjoy the park in its entirety and cover all its different sections, take time out for a sumptuous lunch as well as witness the mesmerizing Jurong Bird Park shows, you need to set aside at least half a day.

Can I bring my own stroller or wheelchair while visiting Jurong Bird Park?

While you can take your own wheelchair and stroller to Jurong Bird Park, the park also provides complimentary wheelchairs at the entrance for visitors suffering from mobility disabilities. You can also rent a stroller from the park’s facilities.

What are the types of animals to observe at Jurong Bird Park?

Jurong Bird Park is home to over 5000 different animals ad 9 zones that include great hornbills, oriental pied hornbills, white-throated toucans, and toco toucans. Apart from that, you can also see birds-of-paradise, Bali Myna, African penguin, Black-faced spoonbill, and Blue-throated macaw, among several others.

Where is Jurong Bird Park located at?

Jurong Bird Park is located at 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925.

May I bring my own food into Jurong Bird Park?

You can bring your own food to Jurong Bird Park but must refrain from eating near the birds as it may be dangerous for them.

What are the best restaurants available at Jurong Bird Park?

Some of the best restaurants inside Jurong Bird Park are Hawk Café, Pizza Hut Express, Treetops Café, and The Social Kitchen.

What you should definitely bring along during your visit to Jurong Bird Park?

During your visit to Jurong Bird Park, you should definitely carry water in refillable water bottles as well as your sunglasses, umbrellas, and lots of sunscreen as you will be required to roam in the sun for extended hours.

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